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2022-2023 Season

Disney's My Son Pinocchio Jr. - ACT Summer Camp (Special Event)

Book by Jennifer Lee
Music & Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Directed by: Rebecca Douglas

Audition Dates: Jun. 19, 20, 21 (callbacks), 2023

Camp Dates: Jul. 31 – 18, 2023

Performances: August 18, 19(m), 19, 25, 26(m), 26, 2023

In Disney’s My Son Pinocchio Jr., the classic tale of toymaker Geppetto’s little wooden puppet is given new life. This new musical, which retells the classic Disney story from Geppetto’s perspective, features the beloved classic songs, “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “I’ve Got No Strings,” alongside a host of new songs by Oscar winner and Grammy Award winner, Stephen Schwartz. Join the Blue Fairy, Stromboli and a lively cast of characters as Geppetto journeys beyond the toyshop to discover the meaning of family. When the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto’s wish to bring his beloved puppet to life, the new father quickly learns that being a parent is full of challenges. He struggles to make his son “the perfect boy,” only to lose him to a gang of Roustabouts. It is only when faced with the thought of never seeing Pinocchio again that Geppetto truly learns the joys of being a father and loving his child unconditionally.


Rebecca Douglas has been involved in community theater for thirty years! Some of her local credits include: ACT’s All Together Now!, Annie as Grace Ferrell, Big Fish as Josephine, Shrek as the Witch, Avenue Q as Lucy and Mrs. T., Thoroughly Modern Millie as Alice, Meet Me in St. Louis as Anna Smith, The Music Man as Eulalie Shinn, and Hello, Dolly! as Ernestina Money.  She also directed Seussical Jr., Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr., The Wizard of Oz, Once on This Island Jr. and At First Sight, co-directed MatildaThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and served as vocal director for The Wizard of Oz, Man of La Mancha, Meet Me in St. Louis, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, as assistant director for Treasure Island and Excalibur! The Story of Young King Arthur and as administrative director/stage manager for Shakespeare for Kids. She also performed in On the Verge and Annie Get Your Gun at CCT, An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein with Pipe Dream Theatre, Majestic Eight and The Little Mermaid with the Majestic Theatre.  She has also directed a number of shows for CCT and Majestic Education. She is the General Music Teacher at Albany Christian School. She is also the Music Director for the Adventures in Acting Camp at the Majestic Theatre.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters


Animals (Pig, Foxes, Horse) serve as voices of reason for Geppetto’s journey. Performers cast in these roles do not have to sing; however, comic timing and deadpan delivery are essential. These performers should be comfortable inhabiting the mismatched animals they portray.


Bernardo & Maria are married residents of Idyllia who are looking to purchase a “perfect” daughter from Professore Buonragazzo. These roles require group singing only. These performers can become part of the ensemble in other group numbers.


The Blue Fairy is convinced of her own perfection and does not like having it called into question. The performer you cast should have good comedic instincts and a solid singing voice. This role does not require excessive dancing.
Range: G3 – E5


Boy 1 is one of three spokespeople for a group of traveling singers. They are larger than life as they spread joy throughout Rainbow Valley with their songs.Boy 1 is the first replacement for Pinocchio, created by Professore Buonragazzo’s machine. Find an actor who can mimic a comedic version of the famous puppet.
Range: C3 – C4


Boy 2 is the second replacement for Pinocchio. He should be even more wooden than Boy 1.
Range: C3 – C4


Children of Idyllia (Amelia, Salvatore, Carla, Lucia, Giuseppe, Boy 1, Boy 2) are the perfect children created by Professore Buonragazzo. Performers cast in these roles should be able to sing in groups, with featured speaking lines. There are great opportunities for movement and dance.


Delinquents (Malvolio, Brutto, Sporco, others) can expand to include more performers and are great roles for non-singers. Also, they must be comfortable turning into donkeys.


Geppetto A Sharecropper who bids his time until he can go away to college. He has a quiet strength.Geppetto is a lonely toymaker who longs to be a father. Look for a mature performer who feels comfortable playing a parent to Pinocchio and isn’t afraid of showing emotion. Cast a strong singer, as Geppetto has several solos.
Range: Bb3 – F5


Junior is Professore Buonragazzo’s mirrorimage assistant, created using the child-making machine. The performer in this role will need to work closely with the performer playing the Professor to mimic his movements. A short solo is required, but it can be spoken if necessary.
Range: Bb3 – C#5


Marionettes are the stringed puppets in Stromboli’s show. There are solos available for marionettes, if you choose to separate their voices from Stromboli. Marionettes can be added as need to the ensemble.
Range: Bb3 – E5


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who doesn’t know where he belongs. Look for a performer who can handle the lively personality of a little boy while also capturing tender moments. Although Pinocchio is a boy, the role can be played by a boy or girl. Pinocchio has a few solos, but a strong character actor can easily act through them.
Range: G3 – E5


Professore Buongrazzo is a passionate, mad scientist obsessed with building perfect children. While some solos are required, character work is most important for this role.
Range: Bb3 – C#4


The Ringleader runs Pleasure Island. The performer playing this role should have a real sense of showmanship. This role requires some singing and is a great opportunity to showcase a dancer. The Ringleader can be played by a boy or a girl, but be sure to cast a performer who can commit to the character’s mischievous ways.
Range: A3 – E5


Rosa, Viola & Arancia, fairies in training, are sweet and kind. The performers in these roles should be expressive observers since they often oversee the action occurring onstage during flashbacks. They sing as a group, often alongside the Blue Fairy. Their individual distinctions from one another can be discovered during rehearsal.


Roustabouts are the sidekicks to Pleasure Island’s Ringleader. When performing these roles, personality is key. Group singing is required.


Signora Giovaani is Pinocchio’s teacher. The role can be a great opportunity to feature a performer who doesn’t sing. If needed, this performer can become part of the ensemble in other group numbers.


Stromboli is a bumbling, loud, incompetent puppeteer who has at least a few screws loose. Cast a versatile performer who can create silly voices to take this character and his marionettes over-the-top. Stromboli’s songs are challenging, so look for someone who is comfortable with his solos and doesn’t shy away from silliness.
Range: Bb3 – F5


Sue is a fairy in training who marches to the beat of her own drum. She isn’t your typical fairy, as sweetness isn’t in her nature. The performer in this role can be brooding or brash, but certainly a contrast to Rosa, Viola and Arancia, although vocally she should blend in.


Talia is the “perfect child” created for Maria and Bernardo by Professore Buonragazzo’s machine. Talia sings and dances to impress her parents, so this is a great role to feature a dancer.
Range: C3 – C4


The Town Children (Dante, Agata, Fiorello, Francesca, Adriana, Luigi, Gina, Lia, Rico) love the toys in Geppetto’s shop. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. There are opportunities for solos, but performers can sing in groups.


Town Parents (Signora Lisi, Signore Fucito, Signora Mancini, Signor Alcamo, Signora Sommelia, Signora Contrastana, Signora Rosati, Signore Proto, Signore Marino) are the beleaguered mothers and judgmental fathers of the town children. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. There are opportunities for solos, but performers can sing in groups.


by Kim Carney

Directed by: Sarah Roth

Audition Dates: Apr. 24, 25, 26, 2023

Performances: Jun. 23, 24, 25(m), 29, 30, Jul. 1, 2023

Maxine, a feisty, bitter Alzheimer’s victim, doesn’t want to move into a nursing facility. But when she meets Joe, a widower who shares her love for dance, her outlook begins to change. Although the two clash when lucid, their hazy memories overlap, and they begin an affair that rejuvenates and fulfills them. But can these lovers — played simultaneously by an elderly twosome and a young, vivacious couple — stay together despite their families’ wishes and their fading vitality?


Sarah Roth started her ACT career costuming The Rocky Horror
Show in 2005, and has since had many roles including the Cook in Clue, Sylvia in Sylvia, Sister Rita in The Runner Stumbles, ensemble in Pippin, Bet in Oliver!, and Tweedle Dee in Alice in Wonderland. She was Assistant Director for Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, stage managed Fly Babies and Dracula, and was lead costumer for Mamma Mia, Annie, and many other shows. Sarah is also the current costume room manager for ACT. She lives in Albany with her childhood best friend. Sarah works in accounting for Power Auto Inc. Her hobbies include theater, hanging out with her sister and nephew, and playing Animal Crossing.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

The Girl: late teens, early 20s
Diane: 40s or 50s
Benita: 30s or 40s
Maxine: 70s or 80s
Joe: 70s or 80s
Greg: 40s or 50s
The Sailor: 20s

Love, Loss and What I Wore

by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron

Directed by: Leigh Matthews Bock

Audition Dates: Apr. 1, 2 (1:00-3:00 pm), 2023

(Great show for busy actors, with only 15 rehearsals over the 6 weeks (memorization is not required, but helpful in certain places within the script). As actors, it will make you think, laugh and get you talking. It will do the same for our audiences. Not accepting any conflicts due to the shortened rehearsal schedule. Email for the rehearsal schedule.)

Performances: May 12, 13, 14(m), 18, 19, 20, 2023

A play of interactive monologues, Love, Loss, and What I Wore covers a lot of territory linked by the common thread of what was worn at key moments in women’s lives. There’s the unfortunate prom dress, the evils of fitting rooms, the inability to find anything in your messy purse, searching for a bridal gown, and the trauma of bra shopping for the first time. The stories are all deeply personal, yet oddly enough, universal.


Leigh Matthews Bock – joined the world of Community Theatre with her first audition and role at Albany Civic Theater in 2002.  For the seven years that followed, she acted in such shows as Arsenic and Old Lace, The Diary of Anne Frank, Of Mice and Men and Steel Magnolias and worked behind the scenes in various shows in nearly every capacity. In 2009, Leigh began directing her first show, Mornings at Seven, and quickly fell in love with storytelling from the director’s point of view. She just recently completed directing for the twenty-third time and feels blessed beyond measure to have worked with so many talented actors and designers. Leigh counts herself fortunate to have directed in five Willamette Valley theatres and can’t believe her luck at getting to direct Love, Loss, and What I Wore at Albany Civic Theater. It will be her fifth, and final time, directing this witty and compelling script.


Cast of Characters

5-6 Women, ages 18 – 80, any and all ethnicities, playing multiple roles.

Something Rotten!

Book by: John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick
Music & Lyrics by: Karey Kirkpatrick and Wayne Kirkpatrick

Directed by: Christi E. Sears

Audition Dates: Jan. 2, 3, 4, 2023
Audition Welcome Letter
Audition Form
  Jan. 2: Vocals and Dance (Bring sheet music for vocal audition)
  Jan. 3: Cold Reads
  Jan. 4: Callbacks Only 

Performances: Apr. 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 16(m), 20, 21, 22, 23(m), 27, 28, 29, 2023

Something Rotten! is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. (

“Two brothers set out to write the world’s first musical in this hilarious mash-up of sixteenth century Shakespeare and twenty-first century Broadway. Set in the 1590s, brothers Nick and Niel Bottom are desperate to write a hit play but are stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rock star known as “The Bard.” When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world’s very first musical. But amidst the scandalous excitement of opening night, the Bottom Brothers realize that reaching the top means being true to thine own self, and all that jazz.” (Music Theatre International, 2022)


Christi E. Sears has a string of hit musicals and plays to her credit, including: Clue, Altogether Now (Special Event), The Secret of Chimneys: ACT Radio Play, Mamma Mia, The Addams FamilyAnnie, Big FishShrekYoung FrankensteinAvenue QThoroughly Modern MillieCurtainsSteel MagnoliasThe ProducersThe Music ManHello, Dolly!The Rocky Horror ShowPirates of PenzanceInto the WoodsYou’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownBell, Book and CandleAuntie Mame, and Greater Tuna at ACT. Christi also directed at CCT: CinderellaDamn Yankees, and Little Shop of Horrors. A long-time administrative member at ACT, Christi has served four terms as president and two terms as treasurer. She currently serves on the ACT Board as Production Manager. Christi resides in Albany and has worked for over 27 years as the Accounting/Payroll Manager at Palm Harbor Homes.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Nick Bottom: 30 to 50s, male. A writer. Nigel’s older brother. He holds a grudge against Shakespeare. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Tenor (B2-A4)
Nigel Bottom: 30 to early 50s, male. A writer. Nick’s younger brother. Sweet and a little awkward. He is in love with Portia. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings very well. Tenor solid to G#4.
Shakespeare: 30s to 50s, male. Over-the-top and cocky, a true rock star of his time. He is the Renaissance James Brown. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Rock tenor solid to A4.
Thomas Nostradamus: 40s to 60s, male. A soothsayer. He predicts that Nick and Nigel will write a musical. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Tenor 2 (C3-F4).
Brother Jeremiah: 50s, male. A Puritan and the father of Portia. He despises Nick and Nigel. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings very well. Rock Baritone solid to G4.
Minstrel/Snug: 25 to 50s, Male or Female. Is the fun-loving charismatic narrator of the show, and sings the opening numbers of each act. Must sing and dance well. Tenor solid to A4.
Bea: 30-40s, female. Nigel’s wife. She loves Nigel despite his past lack of success. She dresses up like a man to prove she can be an actor. Seeking a great comedic actress that sings very well. Mezzo with belt (D3-D5).
Portia: 20s to 40s, female. A beautiful puritan woman that Nick meets on the street. She has golden hair and loves poetry. Seeking a great comedic actress that sings very well. Soprano with a mix (G3-F5).
Shylock: An older Jewish man. Nick and Nigel are in debt to him. He becomes an investor in their musical. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings well.
Lord Clapham/Judge: Older male. Patron of the theatre. He’s flamboyant and extremely posh. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings well.
Ensemble: Various ages, diverse, and ethnicities. Must sing and dance, tap (willing to learn) and musical theatre styles. Characters noted below:
Robin/Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Man Servant/Queen
Tom/Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Man Servant/ (Frances Flutes Lines)/Snout
Peter/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Man Servant/Chef
Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Man in Crowd/Valet
Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Renaissance Writer/Man Solo/Man 2/Man Servant
Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Astrologer/Foreman/Doorman/Man Servant/Footman
Town/Troupe/Chorus (male)/Eyepatch Man/Messenger/Man Servant/Heratio
Town/Troupe/Chorus (female)/Woman 2/Woman in Crowd/Panic Woman/Entourage/Rosalind
Town/Troupe/Chorus (female), Gypsy/ Announcer/Renaissance Writer/Entourage/Chef
Town/Troupe/Chorus (female), Puritan/Entourage/Helana
Town/Troupe/Chorus (female), Puritan/Entourage/Miranda/Chef
(Additionally in Act II all will play a Puritan during song/dance number.

Silent Sky

by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by: Rus Roberts

Audition Dates: Dec. 5, 6, 7, 2022

Performances: Feb. 10, 11, 12(m), 16, 17, 18, 2023

The true story of 19th-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt explores a woman’s place in society during a time of immense scientific discoveries, when women’s ideas were dismissed until men claimed credit for them. Social progress, like scientific progress, can be hard to see when one is trapped among earthly complications; Henrietta Leavitt and her female peers believe in both, and their dedication changed the way we understand both the heavens and Earth.


Rus Roberts appeared onstage at ACT as Van Helsing in Dracula, Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing, Bob in Beyond Therapy, Duke Felmet in Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters, many roles for The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler, Lombard in And Then There Were None, Sir Wilfrid Robarts in Witness for the Prosecution,
and Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew; he also directed Dog
Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, Children of a
Lesser God, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Deathtrap, and The
Vampyre, served as assistant director for Paradise Lost and
Found, and worked as crew and dialect coach for The 39 Steps.
He also appeared in Midsummer Arts’ Little Red Robin Hood, for
CCT in Bell, Book and Candle and Camping with Henry and Tom,
and as director for A Man For All Seasons; and at LBCC in A View
from the Bridge and The Agamemnon. He lives in Albany with his partner Johanna Spencer.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Henrietta Leavitt: 
Peter Shaw: 
Annie Jump Cannon:
Margaret Leavitt: 
Williamina Fleming: 

The Land of Misfit Toys: Family Friendly Holiday Fundraiser (Special Event)

Dec. 3 (at 1:30 pm), 2022

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ACT Publicity Coordinator:

Murder on the Orient Express

by Agatha Christie

Directed by: Josh Mitchell

Audition Dates: Aug. 22, 23, 24, 2022

Performances: Oct. 28, 29, Nov. 3, 4, 5, 6(m), 10, 11, 12, 2022

Famous detective Hercule Poirot is called back from Istanbul to London on urgent business. He intends to book a first-class compartment on the Orient Express, run by his former friend and colleague, Monsieur Bouc. The train is surprisingly full, but Bouc manages to secure Poirot a spot in the first-class cabin. While aboard the Orient Express, Poirot meets a host of peculiar characters: an aging Russian princess, her Swedish companion, a Hungarian countess, a Minnesota housewife, a Scottish colonel, an English governess, a French conductor, a disagreeable American businessman, and his anxious secretary. While aboard the train, the angry businessman, Samuel Ratchett, corners Poirot and demands Poirot to investigate a series of ominous letters that have been sent to Ratchett, threatening his life.

As a snowdrift halts the Orient Express in its tracks, Ratchett is found stabbed multiple times in his locked train compartment. Poirot is tasked by Monsieur Bouc to solve the murder, as the killer could still be in their midst. As Poirot investigates, conflicting clues and convoluted alibis lead him to dead ends. Over the course of 48 hours, will Poirot be able to solve the case of the Murder on the Orient Express?


Josh Mitchell appeared in ACT’s All Together Now! as a vocalist,
Christmas Carol as Christmas Future and Fred, Too
Good to Say Goodbye as Dutch Van Dyke, The Three
Musketeers as Porthos, Shrek as Fourth Knight and Mad
Hatter, The Wizard of Oz in several roles, Avenue Q as
Trekkie Monster and the Newcomer, It’s a Wonderful
Life as George Bailey and The Adventures of Tom
Sawyer as Injun Joe. A real estate broker and toy store operator, he lives in Albany with his wife Holly and sons Quentin, Hudson, and Lincoln. He enjoys music, art, cooking, home remodeling, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Hercule Poirot: David Milner
Monsieur Bouc: Josh Anderson
Mary Debenham: Megan Forsyth
Hector MacQueen: Nic Anunsen
Countess Andrenyi:
Diane Slamp
Princess Dragomiroff:
Diane Cooper
Michel the Conductor: Jonathan McQuay
Greta Ohlsson: Lucy Elgin
Helen Hubbard: Christine Hanks
Colonel Arbuthnot: Nathan Greensweight
Samuel Ratchett:
Josh Burlock
Head Waiter: Carly Munson

Moon Over Buffalo

by Ken Ludwig

Directed by: Colleen Franzoia & Shauna Kiefiuk

Auditions: July 11, 12, 13, 2022

Performances: Sep. 16, 17, 23, 24, 25(m), 29, 30, Oct. 1, 2022

In the madcap comedy tradition of Lend Me a Tenor, the hilarious Moon Over Buffalo centers on George and Charlotte Hay, fading stars of the 1950s. At the moment, they’re playing Private Lives and Cyrano De Bergerac in rep in Buffalo, New York with five actors. On the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingénue, they receive word that they might just have one last shot at stardom: Frank Capra is coming to town to see their matinee, and if he likes what he sees, he might cast them in his movie remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Unfortunately for George and Charlotte, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, abetted by a visit from their daughter’s clueless fiancé and hilarious uncertainty about which play they’re actually performing, caused by Charlotte’s deaf, old stage-manager mother who hates every bone in George’s body.



Colleen Franzoia joined ACT in 1987 as backstage crew. Since then she been involved in too many shows to count and has done almost everything both onstage and behind the scenes. Colleen made her directorial debut with 100 Lunches, A Gourmet Comedy. She also directed Bell, Book, and Candle. She lives in North Albany with her husband Jeff and their mini-doxy, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Shauna Kiefiuk has been involved with ACT since 2002. Previously, she has directed The Dinner Party, The Unexpected Guest, Rabbit Hole, The Butler Did ItThe Odd Couple and Independence. Shauna has been onstage in several shows as well as musicals. She was the assistant director for Fat PigHay FeverThe Game’s Afoot and A Little Piece of Heaven. Shauna also serves on the ACT Board.

Directors’ emails:; (Shauna)

Cast of Characters

George Hay: Adam Vester
Charlotte Hay: Kathie O’Brien
Ethel: Jackie Weiner
Rosalind: Jillian Alden
Howard: Conner Riley
Eileen: Joy Johnson
Paul: Dan Bushong
Richard: Luke Chicquaye