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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Albany Civic Theater is your local Community Theater experience. We strive to include gifts and talents from people of all ages and diverse abilities and backgrounds who want to volunteer their time to create the best theater experience possible. Producing a play can create new and lasting friendships and develop creative talents. Albany Civic theater has produced many musicals, dramas, comedies and theater camps to create an inclusive and diverse theater program for our volunteers and patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do the auditions work? What do adults need to prepare?
Auditions are noted on our website and casting needs are listed there. For a musical it is usually suggested that you prepare a selection from musical theater (other than the production being produced) that is approximately 16 measures of music. It is important to have a copy of piano accompaniment clearly marked ready to give to the pianist. Reading from the script may be required. If there are Call Backs, they are usually the Wednesday after the auditions. For a “straight” non musical play there will usually be cold readings from the script. Scripts are usually available from the Production Director or at the theater a few weeks before the auditions. If the production director is asking for specific things to be prepared for the audition, it will be mentioned on the audition page. Here is a link to our audition page

What is the cost of being a part of the production?
There is NO fee associated with being a part of Albany Civic Theater productions other than Youth Camp.  With that being said, ACT requires the teamwork of all cast members to encourage patronage for shows they participate in. 

What is the rehearsal schedule like?
Albany Civic Theater organizes our practices with the leadership of the Production Director. Typically, rehearsals are 4-5 days a week for 2-3 hours in the evening. There will typically be a Saturday retreat towards the end of the rehearsal period to work finishing touches, costuming, scene work and other things that may need work. A lot of planning goes into respecting your time. Announcing conflicts ahead of time is the best way for the production team to work around absences. It is expected that there will be no absences in the final two weeks of rehearsals or during performances. 

Where are rehearsals held? Where is the show performed?
Most rehearsals and performances will be held at Albany Civic Theater in our facility. Since we typically have 3 shows in rehearsal at one time early rehearsals and rehearsal during other shows or dress rehearsal weeks or auditions may be asked to find off-site rehearsal space. ACT partners with several spaces in off-site rehearsals and all cast members must be mindful that we are guests in these spaces. Respect for the property and staying within designated areas is a must. 

YOUTH Theater Camp:
What do children need to prepare? How old should my child be?
Children, aged 8 and up are encouraged to audition. 
If your child is auditioning for a lead part, then an appropriate genre song should be prepared and accompaniment music should be provided for the piano player. Children may be asked to come in the audition room in groups in order to learn and sing a well-known tune or easy section of a song from the show.

How much does Youth Theater Camp cost?
The price is listed on the Youth Camp audition page. Albany Civic Theater has created a vision of serving the community and is committed to removing barriers around cost to families and children. We have a scholarship program and a sibling discount to assist with the tuition costs.