Albany Civic Theater – Albany, OR

Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

Fly Babies

by Rusty Harding

Directed by: Loren Dunn 

Performances: February 17, 18, 19, 20(m), 24, 25, 26, 2022

1943 – WWII is raging. Five young American women, all qualified pilots, lend their skills to the newly-created Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs): Dotty, the wide-eyed farm girl; Peggy, the spoiled heiress; Pauline, the seasoned barnstormer; Hazel, the Asian-American who has already witnessed the horrors of war; and Mazy, the African-American who is fighting her own war against prejudice. All five come together on the desolate plains of west Texas, where they experience the challenge, the triumphs, and the tragedies of serving their country on the home front. And where they quickly discover that not all battles are fought overseas…


Loren Dunn has been involved with ACT since 2006. His first show was The Homecoming and has acted in many shows since then including: A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Diary of Anne FrankWonder of The WorldMan of La ManchaTom SawyerParadise Lost and FoundMiracle on 34th Street and most recently Treasure Island. He made his ACT directing debut in 2011 with Christmas Belles. He has since directed Pirates Of The ChemotherapyA Little Piece Of HeavenTrials, Tribulations, and Christmas DecorationsSeniors Of The Sahara, Last of the Boys, and Sylvia.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Nurse: Madison Hearing
Dorothy “Dotty” Lewis: Alice Tucker (Understudy: Jackie McDougal Weiner)
Dorothy “Dotty” Moore: Stephanie Lunceford
Lucy Powell: Grace Foultner
Mazy Buford/Diane Greely: Haley Hunter
Sgt. “Louie” Lewis: Josh Anderson
Pauline Yates: Jackie Lewis
Hazel Ying Lee: Bernadette Feyerherm
Peggy Taylor: Jillian Alden (Understudy: Holly Mitchell)
Jackie Cochran: Christy Anderson
Col. Thomas Evans: Jay Grenard
Capt. John Whitaker: David Milner