Albany Civic Theater – Albany, OR

Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

by Don Zolidis

Directed by: Conner Riley

Auditions: April 1, 2, 3

Performances: June 14, 15, 21, 22, 23(m), 27, 28, 29

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride as two narrators and several actors attempt to combine all 209 stories ranging from classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel to more bizarre, obscure stories like The Devil’s Grandmother and The Girl Without Hands. A wild, free-form comedy with lots of audience participation and madcap fun.


Conner Riley was the assistant director and costume designer for Pride and Prejudice at ACT. He was also Jr. assistant director for Willy Wonka, Jr. and Little Women. He’s worked as a stage hand and prop assistant, in addition to acting. He was in The Butler Did It, The Lion in Winter here at ACT, but got his start in several shows at Memorial Middle School and West Albany High School.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Narrator 1: Megan Dorn
Narrator 2: Serenity Wilson
Actor (Cinderella Scene): Aly Fisher-Berri
Actor (Scene 1): Rebecca Thiss
Girl: Aly Fisher-Berri
Dirt Merchant: Karlie Scott Guillot
Rumplestiltskin: Joshua Winter
Enchantress: Erah McMullen
Devil 1/Devil 2: Shedell Zurak
Prince 1: Jonah Peake
Rapunzel: Madison Hearing
Prince 2: Garrett Peake
Hansel: Garrett Peake
Gretel: Gabrielle Graham
Witch 1/Witch 2: Erah McMullen
Girl Without Hands: Lucy Elgin
Mother: Jennifer Hibbard
Father: Travis Hubbard
Fisher Girl: Julia Caswell
Crab Person 1: Madison Hearing
Crab Person 2: Leo Bulgren
Host: Shedell Zurak
Giant: Travis Hubbard
Frog: Leo Bulgren
Frog Prince (Human): Garrett Peake
Elf Cobbler: Leo Bulgren
Plant: Rebecca Thesis
Frog Princess: McKenzie Lockhart
Dwarf 1: Karlie Scott Guillot
Dwarf 2: Joshua Winter
Snow White: Julia Caswell
Prince 3: Jonah Peake
Devil’s Grandmother: Jennifer Hibbard
Doctor: Gabrielle Graham
God: Travis Hubbard
Little Red: Rebecca Thesis
Wolf: Joshua Winter
Grandma: Jennifer Hibbard
Wood Cutter: Jonah Peake
Cinderella: McKenzie Lockhart
Walt: Travis Hubbard