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Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

Shakespeare for Kids

by William Shakespeare

Directed by: LaVelle Grandy-Brown

Camp Dates: August 6 – 24, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Performances: August 24, 25, 26(m), 30, 31, September 1

Camp Cost: $150 (Sibling discounts available; Limited scholarships available)

For many people, a Shakespearean play is difficult to understand and appreciate. And yet, Shakespeare continues to be studied in schools and universities. It has been adapted in many ways for film and theater and remains one of the most popular of theatrical experiences. This year, the ACT Youth Program is presenting a festival of three Shakespearean plays: Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. These plays use modern language and are significantly shortened yet keep the Elizabethan flair and the complexity of the Bard’s plots. This summer program will be a valuable educational experience in the classics and theater.

While this year’s production is not a musical, there will be musical elements and actors should prepare 20-30 seconds of a song for auditions. The ACT Youth Program’s goal is to prepare young people for the theater. In that vein, Student Directing Teams will be formed early spring to work with the director developing the plays ahead of camp. Members of the directing teams will still be able to participate in the other plays as actors or in the back stage crew. The three plays will allow all participants to act and be a part of the back stage crew. For those students (ages 12 – 18) interested in being a part of the Student Directing Teams, please contact LaVelle Grandy-Brown:; 503-930-7511. 

Twelfth Night
This is a comedy about love, in which three couples are brought together. It begins with Orsino, expressing his deep love for the Countess Olivia. Meanwhile, the shipwrecked Viola disguises herself as a man, takes on the name Cesario, and enters the Duke’s service. The Duke asks Cesario to woo Olivia for him. Ironically, Cesario falls in love with the Duke, and Olivia falls in love with Cesario. The play has many of the elements including mistaken identity, separated twins, and gender- crossing disguise. The plots revolve around overcoming obstacles and finding “true” love.

Romeo and Juliet
This is a tragedy about two star-crossed lovers from different families (Montagues and Capulets) who fall hopelessly in love in spite of their families’ years-long feud. Desperate to be together, the two concoct an elaborate escape plan, but Romeo, mistakenly thinking Juliet dead, kills himself. This prompts Juliet to do the same as she awakens to find Romeo dead. The Friar arrives too late to save the lovers and tells the parents the entire story. The families promise to end their hostilities, which have caused the deaths of their only children.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
This is comedy with many twists and turns. Theseus and Hippolyta are to wed. Philostrate has been ordered to prepared for the wedding. Several local craftsmen agree to write and produce a play. Egeus brings his daughter, Hermia, to Theseus for judgment since he does not approve of friend, Lysander. The craftsmen repair to the woods to rehearse at the same time that Lysander and Hermia meet there to plan their elopement. Hermia and Lysander confide in Helena, who has previously been jilted by Demetrius and wants to win him back. Helena, in turn, tells Demetrius of the young lovers’ meeting. This is only the beginning of a delightful tale of true


LaVelle Grandy-Brown is making her ACT directing debut. She has been a long time volunteer at ACT, mostly as a costumer. She is a retired Special and General Education teacher where she directed over 30 plays with her students. This is her third year with the ACT Youth summer camp and she is excited to be directing this year.

Cast of Characters

Twelfth Night
Orsino:  Carson Davis
Viola: Emily Hobson
Sebastian: Abby Hobson
Lady Olivia: Rachael Stephen
Sir Toby Belch: Sawyer Brubaker
Sir Andrew: Jake Snyder
Maria: Olivia Verbics
Malvolio: Dallas Headley
Fabian: Becca Emry
Antonio: Sam Howard
Valentine: Lilly Johnson
Sea Captain: Audrey Spotswood
Servant: Olivia Kottre
Policeman 1: Mallory Parker
Policeman 2: Kennedy Sell
Curio: Alayna Hammer
Priest: Gabriel Benfield
The Clown: Jesse Leffler

Romeo and Juliet
Lord Capulet: Abi Winter
Lady Capulet: Olivia Verbics
Juliet: Chloe Goettl
Nurse: Zoey Leventhal
Sampson: Neve Kalberer
Gregory: Arabella Autry
Lord Montague: Calin Cornell
Lady Montague: Sawyer Brubaker
Romeo: Clayton Hollingsworth
Benvolio: Will Leventhal
Abram: Sailor Brubaker
Balthasar: Carson Davis
Prince Escales: Rachael Stephen
Mercutio: Claire Spotswood
Paris: Jake Snyder
Friar Lawrence: Audrey Spotswood
Friar John: Natalie Crocker

A Midsummer’s Night Dream
Egeus: Clayton Hollingsworth
Theseus: Dallas Headley
Hippolyta: Abi Winter
Hermia: Annabelle Thompson
Lysander: Sam Howard
Helena: Piper Planalp
Demetrius: Logan Rud
Oberon: Calin Cornell
Titania: Mia Fisk
Puck: Adam Keeling
Peaseblossom: Katie O’Brien
Cobweb: Daphne Winder
Moth: Jesse Leffler
Mustardseed: Cara Raze
Quince: Miranda Winder
Bottom: Will Leventhal
Flute: Kennedy Sell
Snout: Evelynn Daniels
Starveling: Mallory Parker
Snug: Alayna Hammer

Ensemble: Arabella Autry, Sailor Brubaker, Natalie Crocker, Evelynn Daniels, Becca Emry, Chloe Goettl, Abby Hobson, Lokelani Halcheshick, Thor Halcheshick, Dallas Headley, Emily Hobson, Lilly Johnson, Neve Kalberer, Adam Keeling, Jesse Leffler, Mia Leffler, Zoey Leventhal, Katie OBrien, Piper Planalp, Cara Raze, Logan Rud, Claire Spotswood, Cloe Torres, Cosette Torres, Daphne Winder, Miranda Winder