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Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

The 72nd Annual Albany Civic Theater Holiday Telethon (Special Event)

Directed by: Michael Winder

Audition Dates: Nov. 1 – 2, 2022 (at 7:00 pm)

Performances: Dec. 9, 10(m at 2:00 pm), 10, 2022

Join us in celebrating the season and local theater with The 72nd Annual Albany Civic Theater Holiday Telethon! Featuring a cavalcade of local stars performing holiday favorites, in the variety show style of a classic Jerry Lewis telethon. Fun for the whole family!
Audition information:
The Holiday Telethon will be a collection of holiday-themed short acts in the 3-5 minute range each, all seamlessly segued between by the host. Essentially, a variety show. The acts may be songs, dances, short scenes from classic plays or films, or even juggling fire-breathing elves. (Note: Fire not permitted on stage. Or real elves.)
Auditioners should prepare 1-2 minutes of material from the holiday-themed piece you would perform in the actual show, or an equivalent piece that demonstrates your capabilities. You can audition individually or as part of a group, depending on the act.
The director is hoping for a mix of genuine holiday entertainment that would make Santa smile, and awesomely terrible kitsch that would make him wince. Maybe 2/3 genuine entertainment, 1/3 Gong Show nonsense, just to give you a feel for what you’re getting yourself into.
A note about the “awesomely terrible” material being requested: This is not a request for lazy garbage. If anything, the audition bar to clear is higher for these types of acts. The comedy should be carefully crafted and delivered, even as it looks bad or weird. If you choose this route, expect some additional constructive scrutiny in the audition process.
Since this show is a collection of separate bits, we will not have a traditional group rehearsal process. Performers, if chosen, will be expected to rehearse on their own, with periodic check-ins with the director, either in person or via the internet. We will all meet and rehearse in person during tech week, roughly Dec. 5-8.
For any questions about the show, your proposed piece, what constitutes “awesomely terrible,” or anything else, please contact the director, Michael Winder, at


Michael Winder has performed and directed for various local community theater stages since 2011. His last ACT show was “The 39 Steps” in 2013. More recent productions include “Constellations,” “Sea Wall,” and “I Am My Own Wife.”

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