Albany Civic Theater – Albany, OR

Albany Civic Theater - Albany, OR

now in our 72nd season

The Great Gatsby

by Maeve Z O’Connor
Adapted from the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Directed by: Loriann Schmidt

Auditions: Oct. 23, 24, 25(callbacks), 2023

Performances: Jan. 26, 27, 28(m), Feb. 2, 3, 4(m), 8, 9, 10, 2024

The Great Gatsby is a timeless tale of love and tragedy set in the Jazz Age of New York. Gatsby, a self made millionaire pursues a former lover, Daisy and his pursuit meets with a tragic end. This adaptation draws the audience’s attention to themes of equity and privilege, and showcases Daisy’s strength and character. Crafted from the beloved novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this show is a World Premiere performance by Portland playwright Maeve Z O’Connor.


Loriann has done theater all her life.  Starting in 2nd grade with an appearance in The Music Man, the theater bug (and lighting bug) has always been with her.  Her first light board was her own invention (in high school) made with rheostats and an old suitcase, a ton of soldering lead and a whiff of smoke.  A long string of shows both professional and community as costume designer, light designer, stage manager, assistant director and director followed and the rest, they say, is history.  Most recently, Loriann has directed shows at Pentacle, Keizer Homegrown Theatre and a private school in Beaverton.  She serves on the board at Keizer Homegrown Theatre and has been active in other areas of Albany Civic Theatre as Lighting Manager, costume designer and all-around Helpful Person.  She is thrilled to be making her directorial debut at Albany Civic Theatre with this wonderful piece of Americana – The Great Gatsby.

Director’s email:

Cast of Characters

Nick Carraway: male, 29, later 30. A cynical but gentle businessman who has a way with words. Daisy’s cousin.
Jay Gatsby: male, early 30s. A mysterious eccentric who is equal parts charming and melancholy. New money.
Daisy Buchanan: female, 23. A striking southern beauty who isn’t nearly as oblivious as she seems. Armed with a lyrical, enticing voice. Old money.
Tom Buchanan: male, 30s. A solid, aggressive man who speaks his mind. Old money. Daisy’s husband. Old money.
Jordan Baker: female, 21. An athletic, jaunty golf star with a quick wit.
Myrtle Wilson: female, 30s. A sultry, hardy woman with a bit of sweetness to her.
George Wilson: male, 30s – 40s. A spiritless, nervous mechanic, owner of Wilson’s Garage. Myrtle’s husband.
Meyer Wolfsheim: male, 50. A mobster who’s said to have fixed the world series. A business partner of Gatsby’s.

Played by Ensemble:
Catherine: female, 18 – 30. An elegant flapper. Myrtle’s sister.
McKee: male, late 20s – 30s. An artistic New York photographer.
Mrs. McKee: female, late 20s – 30s. A good-natured woman.
Klipspringer: male, 20s – 30s. A freeloading musician who all but lives at Gatsby’s mansion.
Henry Gatz: male, 50s – 70s. A well-worn but respectable man. Gatsby’s father.
Lucille, Walton, Albert, Nurse, Waiter, Butlers, Gentlemen & Flappers, etc.: all genders, 18 – 40.