Albany Civic Theater – Albany, OR

Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

Daddy's Girl

by Gary Ray Stapp

Directed by: Scott Harvey

Performances: February 15, 16, 22, 23, 24(m), 28, March 1, 2

A widower for twenty-five years, Benard Muloovy, proprietor of Maudie’s Diner, is served a full plate of comic chaos when his deceased wife, a talking portrait on the diner wall, enlists the services of an angel to help her reunite Benard with their long, lost daughter, Elizabeth. But true to his mischievous nature, Michael, the angel, brings into Benard’s life, not one, but two Elizabeths, each with the same birthday and adopted from the same orphanage. Benard’s task is to decide which young woman is his real daughter, but there’s one problem: He doesn’t like either of them. E.L. is a snobbish restaurant critic with her eye on Benard’s secret wealth, while Lizzy suffers from a split personality disorder. However, there is no shortage of people eager to contribute to his dilemma: a forgetful waitress, a PHD student with a communication disability, a yin-yang geriatric duo, and a motorcycle mama anxious to become the next Mrs. Muloovy. But Darlynn, a woman who has been trying to get Benard to the altar for a quarter of a century, has her own bizarre strategy to win his heart. In a contest of laughter and tears, lines are drawn, sides are taken, and rules are broken, as one young lady reveals a secret and ultimately claims her paternity, but not without a twist, or two.


Scott Harvey got started with ACT in 2001 and made his directorial debut at ACT in 2016 with the hit The Trouble With Cats. He also directed last season’s hit No Body Like Jimmy. He has been involved in almost every aspect of the theater productions, from assistant director (Singin’ in the RainWaiting for Godot) to acting (Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, It’s a Wonderful Life, Man of La Mancha, Looking for Normal) to behind the scenes duties (Little Women,Treasure Island, The Game’s Afoot, The Mousetrap).

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Cast of Characters

Benard: Chuck Skinner
Bob: Allen Pilgrim
Walter: Tyler Anderson
Maudie: Jessica Lenox
Betsy: Serenity Wilson
Michael: John Sams
Darlynn: Amy Dunn MacRostie
E.L.: Jamie Muller
Alex: Daran Gosnell
Daisy: Jo Ogluin Judge
Violet: Catherine Dorn
Lizzy: Claire Simpson
Big Earl Ella: Angeliki de Morgan