Albany Civic Theater – Albany, OR

Albany Civic Theater - Albany, OR

now in our 72nd season

Upcoming Open Reads

May 22, 2022 at 2:00 pm: Open Read of Atonement Beach
Join us on Zoom for an open read of the new play Atonement Beach by Loren Dunn. (Zoom link:; get Passcode from Loren Dunn
Modern day: An elderly gentleman has a sudden heart attack and dies while out to breakfast with his oldest son. He finds himself on an isolated beach where he is soon visited by a host of people representing different periods in his life. They include, the person he was nicest to, the person he was the cruelest to, the person who was saved by his actions, the person who died because of a choice he had made and the person he loved the most. There, he faces demons and closes chapters as he waits for his journey home. 
Ed – 80s
Travis – 40s – 50 Ed’s son
Christopher – 8-10
Kaito – Japanese male 60s
Lieutenant – 20s
Jess – Late 40s 
Savanah – 30s – 40s
Bonnie – late 20s – 
Young Girl – 4-5
Olivia – Early 20s 
Older Christopher – 18

Questions may directed to Loren Dunn at
Passcode will be required for Zoom meeting; email Loren Dunn for Passcode.