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Albany Civic Theater • Albany, OR

Now in our 73rd season

June 29 lighting workshop with Loriann Schmidt

Albany Civic Theater is excited to have Loriann Schmidt leading a lighting workshop at the theater on Saturday, June 29! Loriann is an experienced light designer and light board operator who has worked on numerous shows here and in other theaters in the valley. She is very excited to share her skills and expertise!
The workshop will be divided in two parts. Participants can do both or either one, depending on their need. Please sign up through the link and see the schedule details below.
Sign up for the lighting workshop here:

The Schedule:

10:30 AM–Noon (Part One)
Light board operator training aimed at those who would like to be a light board operator at Albany Civic Theater.
This session will be very specific to running lights at Albany Civic Theater but could be applicable to other theaters, with the exception of our pre/post show checklist; every theater will have their own.
  • Learn how to operate the light board during a show
  • Pre-and-post show checklist
  • Be able to make simple changes such as timing and intensity
  • Tips and tricks and troubleshooting during a show
Noon–12:30 PM: Break
12:30–4 PM (Part Two)
Basic light board programming for LED fixtures (BYO laptop with software*)
This session is designed for those who are beginning their lighting design journey or have used conventional fixtures only to introduce the attendee to programming with LED lights. The main focus will be on programming of the board and is applicable to the entire ETC EOS family of boards (Ion, Element, Nomad, etc.). Attendees will use their own laptops* (there are a limited number of loanable laptops) and the ETC EOS for Windows/Mac to learn basic lighting functions as applicable to LED lighting.
  • Patching Multi-parameter Fixtures (LEDs and movers)
  • Changing Intensity, Color and other parameters for LED light fixtures in Live Mode
  • Record, Update, Delete Cues
  • Record to, load and clear submasters
  • Understanding Tracking and Cue Only Modes
  • Manage show files
  • Use pre-loaded effects
  • Create simple step-based effects
  • Multi-part cues
 *Please bring your own laptop with ETC software downloaded so that you can program along with us! Here are the links to the software downloads:
Lighting Workshop June 29